51% of travelers in Saudi Arabia plan to rent hybrid and electric cars during the holidays

A new study conducted by Skyscanner across the GCC on travel trends for car rentals during holidays abroad revealed that 83% of Saudis are likely to rent a car on their upcoming holidays.

A study dealing with alternative travel destinations showed that the demand for road trips is increasing strongly, according to the Travel Trends Report for the years 2023 and 2024, as it revealed that 97% of travelers from Saudi Arabia plan to travel to alternative destinations, to explore new sites, archaeological and historical monuments, and picturesque natural places.

The study indicated a high demand for hybrid and electric cars among travelers in recent times, especially since 84% of travelers take the sustainability factor into account. The study revealed that 38% of travelers surveyed in Saudi Arabia rented an electric or hybrid car during their recent vacation, while 51% are considering and planning to rent the same type of car on their next trips.

In this context, Ayoub Al-Mamoun, a travel expert at Skyscanner, said: “Although price in our recent research is considered a key factor for travelers in Saudi Arabia when renting a car, only a third of them are keen to compare the prices provided by service providers, and this is what Skyscanner is doing it to help provide good savings, through billions of offers and prices for airline tickets, car rentals and hotels on a daily basis through 1200 service providers, and by analyzing more than 80 billion daily prices for airline tickets, car rentals and hotels, in order to give them the opportunity to compare prices and meet their travel needs and budgets.

He continued, “In addition to saving fuel by choosing an electric car, you can take advantage of the exemptions provided by some cities, enjoy free parking for your electric car, and get free charging as well. So if you are looking for a savings option offered by Skyscanner to travelers, all you have to do is click on the option for electric and hybrid car rental services, under the filter cars with lower emissions through the Skyscanner website.

Studies conducted by the company on the best destinations for road trips for travelers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently revealed that destinations in the Middle East region topped the list of preferred vacations for road trips with a rate of 58%, followed by European countries with a rate of 15%, while Africa came in third place with a rate of 9%. %.

The Skyscanner reviews three main destinations that can be enjoyed when planning road trips:

Dubai between past and present

The United Arab Emirates enjoys its stunning natural and cultural landscapes, and road trip enthusiasts can start their journey by exploring the quiet desert areas from Dubai. They can also embark on an immersive journey on the sands and through the mountains amidst a stunning panoramic scene before returning to the Emirate of Dubai, where the heritage and modern markets, as well as Explore famous landmarks and destinations in Downtown Dubai, including Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall.

The cost of renting a hybrid car for a week in Dubai starts from 925 Saudi riyals, from September 1-8, 2023.

La Dolce Vita – The Italian Lakes

Visitors to the Italian city of Milan can enjoy visiting “La Dolce Vita” during their overland trip, watching the dazzling waterways in Lake Como and exploring charming cities surrounded by tall mountains, while travelers are advised to start their journey from Milan towards Tremezzina and then stop on the road to enjoy the stunning architectural aesthetics. While having a snack with a cup of espresso in the “pasticceria” restaurant, then travelers can head to “Varina” or “Lena” in Villa del Balbianello for scenes of the filming of the famous movie “Casino Royale”, and then head towards ” Bellagio Como» to unwind and relax for a few days.

The cost of renting electric cars for a week from Milan Airport is 587 Saudi riyals, between September 1 and September 8, 2023.

Beautiful landscapes in Austria

Travelers to Austria will be able to discover many charming natural areas during their road trip, from Vienna to Salzburg. Travelers can visit the peaceful countryside and view the impressive hills and pristine lakes on the way to Salzburg, which has a set of picturesque, fairytale-like scenery. The Austrian Alps will also capture the attention of travelers during their road trip. They can also spend the evening in “Milk” overlooking the Danube River, and take a morning tour along the lake in the direction of “Hallstatt” before returning to Vienna.

The cost of renting an electric car for a week is from 2040 Saudi riyals from Vienna Airport from 1 to 8 September 2023.

For his part, Ayoub Al-Mamoun, a travel expert at Skyscanner, presents some tips to reach the best car rental deals at great prices:

1. Visit several sites to find the best car rental rate:

Most car rental companies have multiple locations to visit a destination, and prices can vary greatly between them. You are more likely to find a suitable rental car price if you search further. For example, Muscat Governorate can be selected from the sub-menu instead of selecting Muscat International Airport, which will provide an opportunity to access a rental car at a better price since it does not charge airport fees, and at the same time, cheaper deals can be obtained at airports due to the presence of several rental companies Cars are offered at competitive prices. It is recommended to search for a car rental service through the Skyscanner website using the “pick-up” option (when available), and more options can be found for some areas, such as the “meet and greet” or “free transportation” option.

2. Book your car early

And unlike hotels, there are no last minute car rental deals. In fact, waiting until the last minute can be more expensive, for example, the cost of a rental may increase by up to 30% when booking a day or two before the actual rental date, especially since the delay in booking will lead to fewer options for car rental services.

3. Ask for a promotion

Travelers are advised to choose to upgrade to a more luxurious car without any additional costs, and especially if the traveler is offered an upgrade for a certain price, they should not hesitate, and they should look at the cost of renting a higher-rated car if it is booked directly before the price negotiation process begins. It can be ascertained if the specific deal is good or not, bearing in mind that many companies reward their regular customers and many international rental companies by providing excellent prices for car reservation and rental services.

More ways to save car rental costs on upcoming trips can be explored by visiting the link here.

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