30 million visits to the official portal of the UAE government 2022

The official portal of the UAE government visited 19 million visitors in 2022, and they visited the portal more than 30 million times.

The Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority issued the report “The Official Portal of the UAE Government 2022… Figures and Facts”, which sheds light on the great success story that the portal has achieved since its launch, as the interface of the official presence of the UAE government, and the main reference for government information and services.

The report includes the most important stations, figures, results and indicators related to the portal’s performance, and the extent of its popularity locally and globally.

The report sheds light on the process of the official portal of the state, which was launched in 2001, starting with its establishment as a static site under the name (government.ae), passing through the stage of the interactive site based on an open source content management system, up to the stage of the one-letter domain (U.ae). , which is the shortest range in the world.

First reference

Engineer Majid Sultan Al Mesmar, Director General of the Authority, said: “The official portal is the interface of the UAE government on the Internet, and an address for its digital presence.

He expressed his happiness with the results achieved by the portal, in terms of the level of visits, searches and browsing, and we are also pleased with the observations and suggestions received from the portal’s users that have contributed over time to improving the performance and development of the portal, in line with international best practices. He pointed out that the authority’s team is constantly working to develop the portal and align it with the higher national directions, foremost of which is the vision of “We Are the Emirates 2031”, with its four axes, which are related to government, society, economy and international relations. He added, “We proceed in our development of the portal from our role as an enabler of the digital government, and from our strategic goal to enhance the digital lifestyle in line with the directives of the wise leadership by making digital transformation a path to creating a happy and sustainable future in the UAE.”

global experiences

The official portal of the UAE government is distinguished for reflecting the best international experiences, as the best options in the customer journey were studied, the latest international standards were adopted, and the best content management system was chosen.

The UAE topped the list of countries that constitute the source of visitors to the portal. During the last five years, more than 35.6 million visitors from the country visited the portal, while India came in second place with 4.67 million visitors during the same period, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked third with 2.72 million visitors. visitor.

As for the most popular pages, the page of requests for entry permits and visas and their validity came at the top of the list, as the average time spent by the visitor browsing this page was 4:16 minutes, and the travel page to the UAE came second with an average visit time of 4:07 minutes, and the card page ID came third with an average visit time of 3:51 minutes.

more languages

According to the report, English came as the most used language with 48.8 million visitors, followed by Arabic with 8.13 million visitors, then French with 1.18 million visitors, then German, Russian and Chinese. The report showed the inclusion of 2,630 digital services on the portal, provided by 221 federal and local government agencies.

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