3 factors favor Al-Ahly over Pyramids in the Super Cup

Football fans in Egypt are preparing to reserve their places in cafes and homes, to follow the super confrontation between Al-Ahly and Pyramids, which is scheduled to be held at the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Al-Jazira Club, tomorrow evening, Friday, May 5, 2023.

Zamalek decided to apologize for not participating in the Egyptian Super Cup for reasons related to the sanctions of the Disciplinary Committee, and other crises, and it is the first party in the meeting as the champion of the league in the previous version.

Zamalek’s apology, the Football Association was forced to invite the second-placed “Pyramids” in the league in the last edition, and the heavenly team accepted the matter and welcomed participation to become Al-Ahly’s side in the Super Cup.

The date of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match in the Super Cup

The Al-Ahly match against Pyramids in the Egyptian Super Cup will start at exactly 7:30 pm tomorrow, Friday, Cairo time, at 8:30 pm Abu Dhabi time, at 7:30 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah time.

Channels broadcasting the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match in the Super Cup

And you will watch the Al-Ahly match against Pyramids tomorrow, Friday, in the Egyptian Super Cup via Ontime Sports HD 1, in addition to the Emirati Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.

In this report, we will review some of the factors that favor Al-Ahly in the confrontation, and monitor them as follows:


Before the confrontation on Friday, Al-Ahly’s balance could increase over Pyramids, especially since it is the most prepared on the psychological and physical level, although both of them played a match in the African Championships this week.

Al-Ahly met its Moroccan counterpart Raja and returned from Casablanca with a negative draw with less effort, benefiting from its victory in going with two goals without a response at the Cairo stadium, then returned to training in Egypt and then left for the Emirates.

Pyramids Club was not ready to play the Super, although it would play another match in the league championship, but after Zamalek apologized, the decision was to participate and therefore prepare and travel on Wednesday, that is, only two days before the meeting, unlike Al-Ahly.


The Abu Dhabi Sports Council announced that 29,000 tickets out of 32 were sold before the meeting, which means that there will be a large public presence that will support Al-Ahly, especially since the tickets were divided between the Red Castle and Zamalek, before the latter decided to apologize.

impressive absences

In comparison, when talking about the absences of both Al-Ahly and Pyramids, you will find that there are more influential absences in the heavenly team, with the absence of one of its most important players, Abdullah Al-Saeed, while the Red Genie, Amr Al-Suleya, is absent, with the availability of elements in all positions.

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