3 Arab cities are among the most competitive labor markets in the world

If you are looking for a new job, you will find that the Middle East and technology hubs in California are the most competitive markets.

The three cities Doha, Dubai and San Francisco are among the regions with the highest number of candidates for each job posted on LinkedIn in February, according to a study from online resume builder Resume.io.

To do its study, the company looked at the number of applications that were submitted for jobs in the first week after they were announced in 130 global cities and all US states.

It is possible that the reason for Qatar’s dominance in the list is related to hosting the last World Cup. Since 2010, Qatar has spent more than $250 billion as part of the tournament’s preparations by building nearly 100 new hotels, expanding its port and airport and renovating its roads, among other projects.

While the “Resume.io” study, which was reviewed by Al Arabiya.net, showed that the average number of applicants for jobs in Doha reached 399 in February. Qatar sets a global minimum wage, while not imposing taxes on personal income, making it a relatively attractive place to work.

Those working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are also among the most competitive labor markets, do not pay income tax. Some of the jobs driving the post-pandemic job market in the UAE include specializations related to the medical sector and digital content, according to LinkedIn data.

The most competitive cities in the United States are located in Northern California. According to Resume.io, San Jose, known as the heart of Silicon Valley, is among the most competitive destinations, with 108 applicants for every job posted on LinkedIn during the same period, while San Francisco had 92 applicants. Companies in the two regions pay relatively high average salaries but they are also among the most expensive places to live in the world.

Another major American city with a high suitability rate, though not in the top 10 in the world, is New York, which had just over 80 applicants for every job offered. Plus Chicago, which has about 50 requests per LinkedIn post, according to Resume.io data.

Widespread layoffs by major companies, including Meta, Alphabet and Google, have led to a boom in people looking for work in America.

competitive labor markets

competitive labor markets

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