203 people were killed and injured in Napoli’s “wild” celebrations of the first league title since the Maradona era

Today, Friday, the city of Naples authorities announced the death of a person from a gunshot wound and the injury of dozens last night, during the celebrations of the fans of the southern city team by winning the Italian Football League title for the first time in 33 years.

The celebrations began late after Napoli drew 1-1 away with Udinese, securing the title 5 matches before the end of the league.

The health authorities in Naples reported that 203 people were injured during the festivities, 22 of them seriously.

The number is not unusually high, said health service spokeswoman Anna Taglifieri, with any of the large hospitals in Naples routinely dealing with up to 200 emergency cases on any “normal” day.

Hours after the match, a person was killed by a gunshot, and Naples governor Claudio Palumba told the “Rai” radio station, “Nothing can be done in front of the celebrations.”

A rare victory

And some in Naples saw that the great victory that the team achieved and won the title with 5 matches remaining still represents a sign of a new awakening in poor southern Italy after decades of domination, not only in terms of sport, by the richer north.

“The miraculous league win by Napoli is nothing like the league title won by any other team,” Roberto Saviano, a bestselling true crime author and fan of the club, wrote to Corriere della Sera newspaper, praising it.

Prime Minister Georgia Meloni joined groups of well-wishers for the club that won two previous league titles in 1987 and 1990 under the leadership of Argentine legend and local icon Diego Armando Maradona.

Meloni wrote on Twitter, “33 years after the last Serie A championship, Napoli are back as champions of Italy. Congratulations to the whole team, coach Spalletti and the entire club for all their efforts and for this well-deserved result.”

And the authorities took several measures to contain risks to public order during the wild celebrations in Naples, after the first crowning of the league since the Maradona era.

The heart of the city became a pedestrian-only zone, and the authorities banned fireworks and firecrackers, but were unable to prevent them completely.

The celebrations are expected to continue, as coach Luciano Spalletti’s team is waiting to receive the heroes upon their return from Udine later today, and when hosting Fiorentina the day after tomorrow.

Spalletti could not hold back his tears after winning the long-awaited title and said the fans deserved to celebrate after a 33-year fast.

“Seeing the fans’ smiles and happiness is the most emotional thing,” the coach told Dazon’s stand after yesterday’s game.

“These people can now overcome their difficulties in life because they will remember this moment, they deserve all this joy,” added Spalletti, 64, who became the oldest coach to win the title.

The Napoli coach dedicated the title to his staff, his family and his brother, who died 4 years ago.

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