171 Juventus fans were punished for Lukaku

171 Juventus fans were punished for Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku

The Department of Special Operations in Turin punished 171 Juventus fans today, Monday, by preventing them from attending sporting events, after identifying them and accusing them of chanting racist slogans against the Belgian, Romelu Lukaku, during the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final.

The Turin police command opened an investigation after the match that took place on April 4 1-1, during which fans racially abused Lukaku during his implementation of the penalty kick that equalized his team and during the subsequent celebration, which sparked skirmishes between players and substitutes, which led to the dismissal of a number of them, including Lukaku himself.

The Turin police command said it had identified the 171 fans through video and audio recordings.

According to local media, the number of those involved has reached 250, and the investigation is still open to determine the identity of the remaining 79 fans.

All those identified were punished with a measure known in Italy as “daspo”, which is a ban on access to sporting events, although the Turin police command did not say how long this ban would last.

Moreover, they were fined for violating the rules of using the sports facility for chanting.

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