10 inspiring ideas for organizations to celebrate International Youth Day

The Ministry of Culture and Youth has identified 10 creative ways and ideas, which can be implemented by various agencies and institutions, in order to participate in the activities of “International Youth Day”, the day that falls on August 12 of each year, which comes to celebrate it, by implementing these inspiring ideas, while any party can apply any of the creative ideas as they see fit.

The theme of International Youth Day 2023 deals with “developing youth skills suitable for the green economy”, due to the importance of shifting towards a sustainable, environmentally and climate-friendly world, in addition to focusing on knowledge and technical skills that enable the effective use of technologies in professional environments.

The ideas and steps that any party can implement to celebrate this occasion include “forming a youth council”, as the International Youth Day is an ideal opportunity to announce the formation of a youth council, with the aim of nurturing youth leaders and giving them the appropriate space to participate in decision-making and setting policies and development plans. Efforts and achievements

The second idea comes, which is to “celebrate the achievements of the Youth Council”, so that the concerned institutions celebrate the efforts and achievements of their Youth Council, and enhance the impact and contributions made to improve their reputation, while the parties that have not yet formed a council can celebrate their young cadres, by presenting their experiences and distinguished achievements.

The third idea deals with organizing a “listening session for young people” to learn about their ideas and opinions, as this is one of the most powerful tools for development, and a valuable opportunity to come up with successful solutions that contribute to overcoming challenges and creating future opportunities, while a special time can be set on this day for young people to share their visions and aspirations.

The fourth proposal deals with monitoring “inspiring youth stories”, whereby institutions can create short video clips that highlight the daily tasks of a number of distinguished young people, and publish them through their official accounts on social media, in appreciation of their efforts and highlighting them, so that they become a source of inspiration for young people. These clips can also be shared by the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the Federal Youth Foundation to publish them on their official platforms.

The fifth idea aims to “develop the specialized skills of young people”, by seeking to develop their skills and abilities within the framework of a methodology to support them to succeed professionally, provide specialized education to increase job opportunities, as well as involve them in training workshops and support them to implement practical projects.

Creative centers

The sixth idea is “cooperation with creative centers”, by holding specialized meetings and workshops that support them in their fields, through cooperation with the creative centers of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, which provide a fully equipped space to serve them and invest their energies.

The seventh step deals with holding “youth circles” periodically, to present best practices, and discuss the most important issues that concern them, their aspirations and the challenges they face, with the aim of coming up with practical solutions, innovative and effective ideas and policies, while the eighth step aims to organize “dialogue meetings in the green economy” that bring together experts in the field of sustainability with young people to exchange ideas and future visions, especially in light of the international endeavors to achieve the goals of sustainable development, and the transition towards an environmentally sustainable world, which is of paramount importance in response to the global climate crisis.

Direct contact

The ninth idea, “Leadership and Youth”, aims to enhance the culture of direct communication between the two parties, by organizing meetings that bring together leaders in institutions with working youth, to get to know them closely, appreciate and praise them for their efforts, and motivate them to do the best for the sake of the nation’s advancement.

For its part, the goals of International Youth Day focus on issues of concern to them, involving them in developing their societies, listening to their views, sharing their ideas and future vision, and leading to their participation in drawing up future policies.

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