10 clubs spent more than two billion euros in the summer Mercato

10 European and Arab clubs spent more than two billion euros to recruit players and enhance their chances of competing for local and continental titles, and Saudi clubs outperformed several teams in the summer transfer market in spending on the old continent.

English and Saudi clubs dominated the list of the first ten teams, led by London club Chelsea.

List of top ten clubs

According to the “Transfer Market” website, which specializes in players’ market value, numbers, and statistics, the list of the top ten clubs includes:

  • English Chelsea: 464 million euros.
  • Hilal of Saudi Arabia: 353 million euros.
  • French Paris Saint-Germain: 350 million euros.
  • English Tottenham: 249 million euros.
  • English Manchester City: 241 million euros.
  • English Arsenal: 235 million euros.
  • Manchester United English: 207 million euros.
  • Ahli Saudi: 184 million euros.
  • English Liverpool: 172 million euros.
  • Saudi victory: 165 million euros.

As for the 10 most expensive players in the summer Mercato, whose total deals approached one billion euros, they are:

  • England’s Declan Rice (from West Ham to Arsenal): 116.6 million euros.
  • Ecuadorian Moises Caicedo (from Brighton to Chelsea): 116 million euros.
  • Englishman Jude Bellingham (from Dortmund to Real Madrid): 103 million euros.
  • England’s Harry Kane (from Tottenham to Bayern Munich): 100 million euros.
  • Croatian Joshko Guardiol (from Leipzig to Manchester City): 90 million euros.
  • Brazilian Neymar (from Saint-Germain to Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia): 90 million euros.
  • Danish Rasmus Hollund (from Italian Atalanta to Manchester United): 75 million euros.
  • German Kai Havertz (from Chelsea to Arsenal): 75 million euros.
  • Hungarian Dominic Subosulay (from Leipzig to Liverpool): 70 million euros.
  • Englishman Mason Mount (from Chelsea to Manchester United): 64 million euros.

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