10.8 billion dirhams for the programs and projects of the Emirates Red Crescent over 15 years

The value of humanitarian programmes, relief operations, development projects, reconstruction programs and sponsorships for orphans, implemented by the Emirates Red Crescent Authority inside and outside the country during the past 15 years, amounted to 10 billion and 888 million and 940 thousand and 285 dirhams, benefiting 228 million and 835 thousand and 834 people in the Emirates and in 128 countries. around the world.

The authority’s field movements in its local arena during the past years witnessed intense activity, and the value of local programs, activities and projects in a number of vital areas amounted to one billion and 451 million and 371 thousand and 717 dirhams, benefiting two million and 409 thousand and 741 people, while outside the country it amounted to 7 billion and 64 million and 991 thousand. And 394 dirhams, of which 214 million and 445 thousand and 69 beneficiaries benefited, and the value of sponsorship programs inside and outside the country amounted to two billion and 372 million and 577 thousand and 174 dirhams, and the number of beneficiaries reached 11 million and 981 thousand and 24 beneficiaries from orphans and their families, people of determination and students of knowledge; With regard to volunteer work during the relevant period, the number of volunteers in the Authority reached 26,706, and their voluntary hours in the work assigned to them amounted to 2,441,991 hours.

This was announced by His Excellency Dr. Hamdan Musallam Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Red Crescent Authority, during a meeting that was held recently at the Authority’s headquarters, in the presence of His Excellency Hammoud Abdullah Al Junaibi, Acting Secretary-General of the Authority, the Deputy Secretary-General and officials, and a number of media professionals in various media outlets.

Al Mazrouei confirmed that the authority was able thanks to the support and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him,” and the initiatives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him,” and the follow-up of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the representative of the ruler in the Al Dhafra region and the head of the Red Crescent, from pioneering broader areas in the arenas of humanitarian giving, and was able, with the support of benefactors and benefactors, for its programs to provide the necessary care and attention for the victims, the afflicted, the people with limited income, and the most vulnerable groups, and it played an important role in limiting the exacerbation of human suffering In many troubled regions and arenas.

He said that the Authority’s programs and initiatives witnessed during the past years a vertical and horizontal expansion, and moved to advanced stages of sustainability of giving, social empowerment and comprehensive development work, and the Authority became more efficient and vital in its humanitarian environment and a wider spread and faster presence in areas of crises, disasters and conflicts.

Al Mazrouei added: There are many factors that combined and made the Emirates Red Crescent a key player in its humanitarian environment and a strong supporter of the efforts made to address disasters, the most important of which is the support of the wise leadership of the state, which contributed to the Authority’s launch of initiatives that make the required difference in improving life, lifting suffering, and spreading the spirit of happiness. And positivity among the needy and less fortunate segments in obtaining basic services through the vital and ambitious development programs and projects it implements.

He stressed that the role of the Emirates Red Crescent is growing year after year in facing the risks that arise from events and crises, and mitigating their severity on humanity, and this report clearly demonstrates the humanitarian responsibility entrusted to the authority, by monitoring the volume of aid it provided during the past fifteen years and the projects carried out in dozens of countries around the world.

His Excellency the Chairman of the Board of Directors expressed the Authority’s thanks and appreciation for the initiatives of philanthropists, donors and donors, thanks to whose support and assistance, the Authority was able to achieve many humanitarian and developmental achievements locally and abroad. Al Mazrouei praised the role of the volunteers and workers in promoting the organization’s humanitarian programs on the international scene, and in delivering the message of love and peace from the people of the Emirates to other peoples in the east and west of the earth. He also praised the role of successive departments in upgrading and developing the authority’s performance.

The Red Crescent report indicated that the programs and initiatives that were implemented within the country during the relevant period included humanitarian aid, which amounted to 402,858,717 dirhams, benefiting 512,816 people, and the value of medical aid amounted to 338,274,404 dirhams. 86 thousand and 256 cases, in addition to aid for science students, which amounted to 374 million and 632 thousand and 191 dirhams, benefited 475 thousand male and female students in various educational stages, while aid for prisoners and their families amounted to 79 million and 302 thousand and 669 dirhams, benefiting 19 thousand and 262 people, in addition Assisting 4,395 people of determination at a value of 62,910,989 dirhams, and with regard to the item of supporting institutions, 273 entities benefited from the authority’s assistance, at a value of 13,279,482 dirhams. The authority also implemented seasonal projects that included Ramadan and sacrifice programs, and about One million and 311 thousand and 664 people with a value of 180 million and 113 thousand and 261 dirhams.

Externally, the Red Crescent report dealt with relief operations, as urgent and emergency relief programs are among the priorities of the authority in addressing the effects of disasters and crises and mitigating their severity on the affected and victims. Dirhams, benefiting 131 million 668 thousand people on six continents, and it included 525 relief operations and covered the sectors of food, public health, shelter, sanitation and water.

In addition, the Authority is very interested in construction and development projects, reconstruction projects and rehabilitation of infrastructure in afflicted countries and those affected by disasters and crises, in order to remove the effects of devastation and destruction left by those disasters, and the damages that befall the beneficiaries of the services of these vital projects, especially in the areas of health. education, housing and public facilities directly related to large sectors of the public, and the Authority usually begins implementing its development projects in the affected countries after urgent and emergency relief operations for the victims and those affected, and these projects come as a subsequent step for humanitarian relief programs to contribute to restoring life to normal in the affected regions, and providing The appropriate conditions for the settlement of those affected and displaced by such disasters and crises. This item also included the implementation of capacity-building projects, which are small projects owned by the Authority for poor and needy families to run by themselves and generate a fixed income that helps them to manage their life’s affairs instead of direct and immediate assistance that ends. at a time and did not fulfill the required purpose. In this regard, the authority implemented 174 thousand and 397 development projects in dozens of countries, at a cost of 3 billion and 753 million and 413 thousand and 447 dirhams, benefiting 64 million and 736 thousand and 117 people in various countries, in addition to the lump-sum aid that At a cost of 629 million and 902 thousand and 327 dirhams, more than 18 million people benefited from it in many countries.

The Authority’s report confirmed that the Red Crescent programs in the field of caring for and sponsoring orphans are witnessing continuous expansion, thanks to God, and the great care that the Authority gives to this important group in society, and the great turnout of sponsors, benefactors and benefactors to support the Authority’s efforts in this vital aspect, and the Authority was distinguished by a great degree in the field of sponsorship programs And caring for orphans and mobilizing support for their humanitarian conditions, and the cost of sponsorship programs for orphans and their families and people of determination within the country during the past fifteen years amounted to 138 million and 808 thousand dirhams, benefiting 499 thousand and 861 individuals, while the value outside the country amounted to two billion and 233 million and 769 thousand and 133 dirhams, benefited from it 11 million 481 thousand and 163 people in 45 countries.

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